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Mr. Majid Mahichi has over 35 years of experience producing and directing educational and entertaining films, movies and music videos in Iran and Canada.
22 years of experience in Canada, mostly British Columbia, contained films and clips, programs for families and kids, educational musical programs and music videos.  
Currently with 20 artists, Parvaz Film Corporation has continued to grow serving professional community members such as doctors, lawyers, police officers, and non-profit organizations.  
The 3 types of approved programs on an ongoing basis for the following  broadcasting channel: Shaw Multicultural Channel (Digital basic cable 4)
These programs have been geared for Persian communities as well as many other ethnicities (East Indian, Chinese, Afghan, Philippines etc.).  We have worked with different communities
in many different languages with English subtitle.    
“Health and Life” a TV program which was requested, geared towards educating all communities by interviewing an organized panel of experts, related in the health field was also provided.  
The past 8 years we have been working very closely with people's law school, Simon Fraser University,(SFU) and University of British Columbia,(UBC) offering our services in making films, clips, 
interviews for educational programs as per request.
Majid is honored and humbled to receive the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal presented on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 


Majid is honored and humbled to receive the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal presented on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Governor General of Canada by the Member 
of the Parliament Honorable Randy Kamp in recognition of "dedicated service to his peers, to the community and to Canada" The contribution that he has made to the nation are most commendable 
and deserve the praise and admiration.. In his thank you remarks he acknowledged the service of so many remarkable organization in Canada that he was involved with. Such as CIF, Law Foundation 
of BC. People Law school and Educational organizations...  Majid also was thankful & grateful of his wife Sherry Soltani's supports and help. He said without the support of my lovely wife I could
never achieve this wonderful award. He also was grateful living in peace in Canada, among so many different Cultures & Communities.
He believes; " Together we can make the world to be a better place"

Majid Mahichi's Filmography:

The Job (Short 16 MM drama)
Ashora in Mehriz(Documentary)
Talavang (Documentary)
Beating of the friend’s shadow (16 MM- Short Drama)
Norouz (35 MM-Short Drama)
The Gray Day (Movie)
Trouble (Comedy-TV Series)
Khatoozine (Documentary)
Mokarrameh (Documentary)
A different looks (Kids documentary)
Chaharshanbeh soory( Documentary)
Iran, unfinished dream (Documentary)
Iranian famous women (Documentary)
Ghareh Kelisa( Documentary)
The mirror of truth (Short Drama)
Abyaneh (Documentary)
Familiar words (Kids TV Shows)
Shiraz (Documentary)
Kashan (Documentary)
Iranian old Tea Houses (Documentary)
Iranian Carpets (Documentary)
Refugee (Documentary)
Snowy Days (Kids TV Series)
Khorramshar (Documentary)
Travel to India (Documentary)
Travel to Malaysia (Documentary)
South of Iran (Documentaries)
Kurdistan (Documentaries)
Travel to Mashhad (Documentary)
Granma’s Shoes (Short Movie)
Bazaar (Documentary)
Ashoura (Documentary)
The famous Iranian athletes (Documentary) 
Seniors Centre (Documentary)
And more...



  Mr. Majid Mahichi Produced and Directed “KHATOOZIN”, a documentary which has been announced as honorable mention of ALWAYS INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL USA, 2000. 
He Produced and directed “Beating of the friend’s shadow”, for which received first prize as Script-writer & Director in the first international film festival of film students held in Tehran/Iran 1991.

The film was originally prepared as part of his thesis and was selected and shown in UCLA, USA as the best thesis of the year.

Mr. Majid Mahichi Produced and directed “NOROUZ” a film which has received several awards and has been shown in many international film festivals, as listed below:

-     The 6th international festival of films for children & young adults, Isfahan, Iran 1991, awarded the “Silver Butterfly” as the best medium length film.
-     Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France 19991.
-     The 37th Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Kinder kin Germany 1991.
-     Cannes Junior Film Festival, Cannes France 1991.
-     Drama Short Film Festival, Greece 1991.
-     The 1st international film festival, Hamadan / Iran 1992, awarded “Golden Cup” as the best medium length film.
-     The 3rd Dhaka International Short Film Festival, Bangladesh 1993.
-     Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France 1994, Panorama of Iranian Short Film.
-     The Experimental Film Week of Madrid, Spain 1995, Panorama of Iranian Short Films. 















Sherry Soltani is the host of Parvaz TV. She is also film & TV producer of PTV She produces three TV programs which are : Today TV, Parvaz ( the kids show), and Vancouver nights.

Sherry soltani has a financial business Degree from Simon Fraser University (SFU) in BC Canada. She has been producing,operating and hosting the programs for (PTV) for many years.


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